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Where I’m Headed Next

Hey there everyone, it has been a while! Life here at CGA has really ramped up these past couple of months, and I’ve really have not had the time to write as many blogs as I would have liked. With work, class, friends, and a now fiancé, life has been relatively full. My life may be hectic, but it is so, so good. I really wouldn’t want to be doing anything else. Thanks to some recent developments here, I will not have to!

A couple of weeks ago I applied for an internship opportunity with CGA, and I got it! With this internship I will be staying in Gainesville, doing some really cool things with CGA and Adventures. I’ll be doing some things with the next class of CGA starting in the middle of March, while also doing some things relating to HR as a whole at Adventures. It’s going to be a season of me taking and applying all the things that I learned here at CGA and using them in a practical way. It’s going to stretch and pull me, and I will most likely fail, but I’m so, so excited to learn from those failures. One of the biggest values I have for my life is growth, and I’m excited to chase that with Adventures as an organization and with my own walk.

With this new development there are some other things that I need to take care of. Primarily fundraising.  I am required to fundraise the remainder of my CGA account into order to continue serving and working with adventures. My current income and life circumstance doesn’t really leave me with much income to pour into my account, so here I am asking for continued support. The Lord has continued to show me that this is the place where I need to be time and time again, and support raising goes hand in hand with his Kingdom work happening at Adventures. This isn’t my favorite thing to do (to be fair it isn’t anyone’s), but I’m asking my brothers and sisters to rally around me and help me chase the goal that the Father has placed into my heart.

My goal is to write a few more blogs before my CGA semester comes to an end in two weeks. There’s a lot deeper lessons the Lord has taught me that I want to share with you all, this blog was just more of an update on my life. CGA has been so good to me, and I can’t imagine what my life would look like if I lived anywhere else. The Lord is so alive and moving, and I’m just so glad that I even have a chance to taste a fraction of his goodness. If you feel moved to partner with me and help with my support raising above; it would mean the world to me if you helped partner with my dream. If you got anything from this blog, just let it be that the Father is good, and he really does have our dreams and desires in mind.

Be blessed,

Tucker Stevens